Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Corporate Meetings...All A Blur

I know. Every one of us in corporate have had those times in meetings, particularly long ones, where you were honestly paying close attention for a majority of the time. Then, by some magical means, just as your mind drifts off wondering about what to have for lunch, what you are going to do after work, or even stuck on something that was said, someone will invariably ask you a direct question. There you sit, off in La La Land, wondering what the question was. Your brain is frantically trying to rewind and figure it out but it isnt working and everyone is staring. I had one of those moments today and it was even worse than that because I was still listening. I had not drifted off in the least. None of the questions up until that point, which was over an hour into the meeting, had been directed at me, and I thought, even though my name was mentioned, that they were talking to someone else. I was busy taking notes and didnt look up for a minute. Then someone repeated the question and my name! I looked up and around at the faces at the conference room table. There was not a friendly face in the room to begin with and now they were either sitting with raised eyebrows in anticipation of my answer or either frowning at me as if I were sitting over there making grocery list instead of paying attention! There was another person in the room with the same first name as me to whom most of the questions has been directed previously, so I suppose when I heard my name, I did not think the manager who asked the question was speaking to me. Thats right; manager. In fact, there were three of them plus one superintendent all waiting for me to answer. In addition, I was slightly thrown by the question because (1) it pertained to some work I had done over a year prior and had therefore forgotten about at the moment, and (2) he led the question with a statement that was not anything I had ever said and he said that I had said it and had done supporting work. As s

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