Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Can't Take The Deer Hunting Stories!

OK, deer-season isn’t even officially open yet but all the men I spend my days working around are busy “nesting” it seems. They all have so much to do to get their little deer-stands and deer-camps ready that they sound like a bunch of ten-year olds getting ready for a camp-out. And in case you were wondering, no, I am not an extremist, a vegan, or even anti-gun person. I am a gun-toting, beef-eating East Texan, thank you very much.

I am also totally against the senseless hunting of animals for sport. The strange thing is, if you Google “Anti-hunting’ all you find is animal-lover-bashing all over the web and not very many of us “anti-hunting” folks standing up for what we think is right. Why is that?

Year after year of working around these hunters, I have heard the same tired speech over and over about how great they treat the deer because they plant corn for them so they have food and then they shoot them. “Isn’t that better than letting them starve to death?”, they always say. Or what about when they quote statistics on how many are killed in car accidents. Please, that is no reason to bait and shoot them when you don’t need them; key word being “need”. A mount on the wall or bragging rights to your buddies do not mandate a “need”.

As if hearing all the stories of how the deer looked through the scope or how far away it was or blah blah blah about how the kill went down aren’t bad enough, I also get the more gory part too. I am subjected to long stories of how they hung it up, cut it open, etc. (I won’t give details in case there are readers who don’t know what they do. There always seems to be some part to the story that involves something inside the deer getting cut open by mistake, a foul odor, and who all puked.)

Besides that, and certainly worst of all, I learned a couple of years ago that when any man in my building has a bunch of people hurriedly going to see what is in the garbage bag in the back of his truck…DON’T GO! There will be a deer’s head in a garbage bag in the bed of a truck! And everyone else is happy to see it. They don’t understand when I run away in tears and screaming that he’s a murderer. I do not know what made me think I would want to see what was in the bad except that everyone else was excited but I have learned, after the third bag (spaced apart in time of course); I’m not stupid, to just keep walking when there is a bag and tell myself they must be collecting cans or something.

I do realize God put animals here to eat. Fine. I don’t think he meant feed them, take pictures with a secret camera, go back and hide in clothes that make you invisible from a little tree house and then shoot them just so you can keep the head and most often, give the meat away. You call that a sport? I call it an ugly trick on the animals.

As for the argument that they would starve to death and the population is too high; I’m not buying it. Stop feeding them, let natural selection take over, you get your food at the grocery store like everyone else and keep the heads out of the backs of the trucks and off the walls. Eventually, the population would manage itself well enough.

Either way, what ever you do, stop telling this horrible stories in front of people like me who do not want to hear it. Stop blasting the anti-hunting people. Some of us still eat meat and still carry guns. That does not mean we want to hear the nasty details. We have our opinions and you have yours.


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