Monday, October 13, 2008

Top Ten Reasons I Don't Update My Blog

It’s been brought to my attention that I haven’t updated my blog much. After some thought, I have come up with the top ten reasons why I haven’t and don’t very often.

10. My computer firewall blocks my blog site making it relatively difficult to do it at lunch, which is when I am normally pondering the universe and feel like blogging.

9. I have moderate OCD and if I am not 100% satisfied with whatever I write, I can’t publish it.

8. I am freelance writing in my “spare time”, hoping to improve my writing skills and maybe make a little money. (Of course the best part is the awesome things I am learning while researching mostly science subjects! I am such a nerd!)

7. Everyone around me has unrealistic expectations that I will do things like work at my job, cook and clean at home, and take care of the things around me…and buy groceries. Why can’t I just be a writing hermit?

6. I get distracted easily, therefore, as soon as I sign on to my home page and see all the really cool RSS feeds I have set up, I HAVE to read all of them, especially the really nerdy-sounding ones. By the time I am done, I don’t have time to blog.

5. Back to the OCD, I am completely obsessed with television and I never miss an episode of House, Bones, CSI Miami, Monk, Psych, or Burn Notice, and this includes reruns. That leaves very little time!

4. My planner is too big to carry around and use to write in. I don’t like to write in my journal because it makes it messy. I don’t use my iPAQ like I used to because I can’t find my keyboard and mouse and it turns my written words into something else, which is usually funny but totally not what I meant to say. I can’t get myself organized properly to write even though I have tried several different ways.

3. My frogs, dogs and bearded dragon are needier than my children and take up an amazing amount of time!

2. I’ve been busy shopping online for geeky science T-shirts at! I found 8 awesome shirts, some of which had my favorite science quotes on them and daily give me chances to tell stories to people that bore them to tears!

And the Number 1 Reason I Don’t Blog Often:

1. Most of what goes on in my head has no business being published on the web as I tend to be very twisted and think about the strangest things….bahahaha!