Friday, July 18, 2008

So Psyched!

I am an absolute TV fanatic, especially when it comes to my four favorite shows. Two of those have SEASON PREMIERS on tonight!!!! Yes! I have been waiting for this! Psych is back on USA Network and I am so “Psyched”! I love that show! My husband hates it but puts up with it for me. Also, Monk is on at and I never miss Monk!!! After that, I will settle in for a re-run of House because I can’t get enough of it either.

Last night, it was a new (2nd episode of this season) Burn Notice. I think it is my favorite show of all. I do have to say though; they went a little far in telling how to be a criminal last night. I think they may have told the truth on washing checks, but I don’t know. This info is probably all over the net anyway, but it seems weird when it’s that detailed on a show about a guy who was a spy for the government and is trying to clear his name.

I guess real criminals don’t watch those shows anyway or they already know what they are doing. Anyway, if they stayed tuned, they will see tonight that the bad guys get caught!

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